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EZCLEAR Acrylic Repair and Restoration Kit EZCLEAR Polycarbonate Repair and Restoration Kit

The Polycarbonate Repair and Restoration Kit is a new, all-inclusive restoration kit that provides exterior polycarbonate window repair capability. Using a simple, 2 step process one can remove normal wear, hazing and scratches from acrylic aircraft windows, while they remain in-frame. The kit will not cause heat build-up or distortion.

With this kit, one can restore all the windows on a GA aircraft in a fraction the time it would take using another repair product. The results are no comparison. The Polycarbonate Repair & Restoration Kit is perfect when selling or restoring an aircraft, or when the hazing and scratches have become so bad that one can barely see out the window.


Simple, 2-steps. Easy-to-Use
Whether repairing or polishing a window, it is only a 2-step process.
No distortion and no heat build up.

Saves time
On-frame application is not detrimental to acrylics or seals.
Repairs in a fraction the time old sanding processes take.

Proven Repair Capability
Additional formulas are being used by the U.S. military and other respected organizations within aviation such as Boeing, Gulfstream and Learjet.

Kit Contents:
Polycarbonate First Step Compound (3.5 fl oz)
First Step Application Pad (White)
Polycarbonate Next Step Compound (3.5 fl oz)
Next Step Application Pad (Grey)
All-Spray Detailing Spray (8 fl oz)
All-Spray Microfiber Towels (10 large towels)
All-Spray Detailer Pack for interior window cleaning
Machine Backing Plate, Large
Instruction Manual